Black Dynamite

I saw a private screening of Black Dynamite last night. I didn’t know a thing about it, except it did well at Sundance. You’ll be hearing about it. It’s a “lost” Blaxploitation film, so it’s in perfect style, perfectly bad good. Michael Jai White was amazing and it seemed perfect. There’s everything in it. Pimps, Black Power, lovin’, cuss words, Nixon, drugs, orphans, food, and a lot of strangeness. MJW is a humble dude, from his days playing Spawn to now this. His martial arts is a little too good to be from that period, but what the heck. Well done. The Sundance hit is sold to Sony. Sorry about the crappy photo.

To end a night, it’s so odd to see this. It’s near 2:30am, in front of my house. David Choe and Harry Kim are eating Taco Bell on the hood of a rental car. It’s not the food, or the scene, but it’s the fact that they were talking about relationship stuff, and from afar anyone can hear the advice going back and forth. “That’s not what you should do!” “But, that’s what I have to do for her.” “Nooo, Harry! that’s stupid” in between bites of taco. It reminded me of some scene that didn’t exist from Lethal Weapon between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. It was like seeing a buddy film.