Akihiro Gono Entrance!

I’m a new fan of this fighter. He’s tiny compared to Mr Jon Fitch, but it’s great to see the UFC trying out different people. What the heck, right? You never know who’ll knock out who. Gono’s quite a good fighter and actually a great competitor. You never saw him get into that much trouble, and he was a good defender from getting smashed hard. Fitch is just too powerful and looks twice as huge. Fitch won in a decision. In a previous interview, Jon Fitch says this dude should be in 155, which makes sense. The sound is pretty low in terms of the music. As entrances goes, this has to be one of the greatest and freakiest in sports. A fighter in drag is out of control. Gono is 34 years old, so he’s been around, and entrances like this bring light to the UFC, but he has to win to make it really count. (I’m recycling my youtube text).