The Dwelling – Tuesday Feb 3rd

After a long delay in public filmmaking. Sunsets was in 1997, here’s another film. I produced it. Sheldon Candis directed. The screening is tomorrow. It’s at the Landmark Westside Pavillion. It’s free. For those of you who read this blog and plan on attending. Here’s more information:

1) The event in NY was packed. LA, who knows.
2) The films show twice. (9:50pm for The Dwelling (#4 in theater 1) and again at 11:30pm #9 in theater 2) We will be there before and after both screenings. Make sure you say hello. There are two theaters that are 120 seats each. Most films are 15 minutes long.
3) Most people watch 1 or 2 films, then they hang out or leave, so if you hang out or leave and come back, you should be able to get in. I noticed a lot in NYC, took off, then decided to come back to find it was no problem at all. There is also a lobby are for the theaters. It’s a multiplex so, there’s plenty of common areas for all people.
4) Other things in the area:
a) There’s a Barnes and Noble open adjacent to the theaters open until 10pm, so if you come, and can’t get in, there’s a place to hang out.
b) There’s also Apple Pan close by open till midnight! Great burgers, and it’s walking distance.
c) GR1 and GR2 are a short drive open until 8pm. Gr/eats opens until about 9:15pm.

FREE RSVP seems to be open still.

It says 21+, I believe that’s for the bar area. I’m really not sure how that works. In NYC, it seemed like a free for all, but that’s NYC. But again, it’s a multiplex theater showing Hollywood movies at the same time, while in NYC, the entire space was rented out by Scion.