Either You’re In or You’re in the Way.

I don’t read books often, but since I did, and it’s not a great fit for GR, why not put it here. Two brothers Logan and Noah Miller went from nothing to making a film. The book is about their past, their experience with their alcoholic and homeless father, and then the journey to make a film about it all. These dudes seem like good guys, and the book is written from both of their perspectives, so it’s funny how it’ll bounce from quote to quote as if they are one. The book obviously is a struggle, but perhaps things just worked out too well. As I read it, I knew any problem that would come up would get solved in not too much time – sort of like a bad Twilight Zone movie where the dude gets everything he wants all the time and got sick of it. Yet overall, this isn’t a novel, it’s a story about making a film, and their experiences including how they got Ed Harris to be in it. I particularly liked the parts about their filming at a minor league training camp. One of the brothers (they also star in the film) played minor league ball, and gains respect of the real players, who figured he was just an actor d. bag.

Would I recommend this as a reading book? Perhaps for a quick read. I got through this on a flight to NY, but is it literature? No. But it’s a fun tale of two dudes getting into trouble and getting out of it. The question is now… is the film good?