Laika Presents Coraline the movie – Nike Dunk

The box wasn’t marked so well on the outside, but the inside was a shoe box that looked like a big top. It’s actually via Laika which is a Phil Knight production company which is producing their first feature film using the Nightmare Before Christmas Director, Henry Selick! The shoes are nuts. They’re Nike Dunks, stitched together like a rag doll, via Nightmare maybe? The animals on the shoes are strange, yes they come off, as do the tails. I can’t see them lasting long when you wear them, but this production is something different in a genre where it’s all been done. The Coraline Dunk come in edition of 100.

Check out the trailer here.

The film written by the great Neil Gaiman is called Coraline. See it February 6th, stay till the end of the credits and then go to you can win a pair of these.

Pretty cool stitching, interesting fabrics (canvas), and a natural colorway with a great style. For a sneaker that revolving around an animation project, it’s wearable.

I was wondering what this was. Cotton candy? A strange sex toy? Actually, these might be the props from the actual film. 50 of the boxes had some items in them. I don’t know if these are them, but they’re strange. Packaging counts a lot.

See the buttons on near the tongue? Those were designed by the director Henry Selick. It’s cool they got the director involved in this promotion.

Tails on the shoes, a nice touch, and the soles glow!

I went so far as to use a flashlight on the soles and it’s pretty cool how you can almost draw with a flashlight. It wears down really quick, so writing word is near impossible.