More Scion Easy 10

I guess I didn’t really explain what else happened during the film screening. I missed almost everything. I did get to see and meet Max Perlich (I caught him in mid blink). He’s a guy that seemed to be associated with the Beastie Boys back in the day, was in Drug Store Cowboy and a Young MC video, but then again, who wasn’t? He directed a film in the Scion Easy 10, called LES. Lower East Side, or LES. 20 minutes and I think it was one of the only narratives. Like I mentioned, I missed almost everything, but I did catch that one and The Dwelling, which was ours. It was a rowdy crowd which is the best way to put it, people going in and out, yelling shout outs during the pic, tons of humor going around, and funny words by people just passing by. Sheldon was yelling Giant Robot before and after the film, and actually some people applauded the first time he yelled it. Do people really like us in NYC? The event, also had an open BAR! So people were pretty happy drinking and watching movies. When you think about it, that has to be a great combo for people. The theater had a festival, in and out after each screening vibe going, which actually works, but increases the rowdy factor… Eri Bonilla from the welcome committee helped a lot. We’ll see her in LA.

Again, I’ll write another reminder, but if you intend to come to LA’s screening GET THERE EARLY. If you are late, hang out, because a lot of people right when their film is done. There’s two separate screenings of everything, we showed near the beginning in one theater and later in the other. If you do get on a list, that’s cool, but that doesn’t guarantee anything.