It’s coming back – Ain’t No Half Steppin’

I dunno how this works, but yeah, I took a photo with these kids. They were amazing. It was at the Scion film event Easy 10. These dudes were in the Big Daddy Kane documentary. I wish I saw that one, but I couldn’t get in! The event in NYC was strange. We were shuttled to the theater in a big ass bus, they used the ploy of telling us that if we’re late, that we’d have to pay for our own cab. It worked, I got down there at the hotel lobby at 6pm, and was the only one there. And the Scion folks waited until everyone got there to leave, which was past 6:30. Then we get there, and no food! We were hungry and all we got was popcorn. Beware. Important note: if you intend to go to the LA Screen get there EARLY. The theater was small (too small – and I hear LA is even smaller) and plenty of people were turned away – even if you were on a list! You’ll have to wait if you want in, since people leave the second their own film ends.

This is the best song from the Kane. He was there tonite, and as a fan from 88, I wanted to meet him, but no. I didn’t even see him there. I did get to meet the posse of kids.

Sheldon gets a Best Director Award. The film turned out great and looked great on the screen.