Ping Pong Playa DVD signing.

The DVD signing at GR2 went well. It’s cool to support a funny film and have all of the main players come out to sign and meet some fans. Quite a few came through. See more pics at the GR Facebook or Flickr or Transmissions. That’s Jessica Yu the director. She has an Oscar award for a previous film. That’s huge. I was going to ask her to bring it, so she could let people check out her bling, but I forgot… Then it’s Smith Cho. She’s on Knight Rider. She came a bit late, but that’s how the stars do it. Jimmy Tsai the star of the movie. I think it’s his first acting role. He’s usually behind the camera. Roger Fan, who you might have seen in Annapolis, and Jim Lau, who plays the dad!

We brought a table onto the street to let passers by and guests play ping pong. Thanks to Clement for bringing this out for us. It made it fun. People just picked up the paddles and started playing. We have to do this more.

That’s a grandmother playing. She came out and showed her little grand kids how to do it. If she’s the mom, then I’ll say, damn, I got it all wrong.