Ikea trips

I swear I thought this was a Jon Burgerman drawing. It’s not quite, but definitely similar. I’m not sure if you buy this, if the art is meant to be kept, or do you throw it out and put your own art in. But Ikea is always interesting, and since they’re the ubiquitous home furnishing place, it’s fun to look around since there are some weird things there.

This is a kids rug or something like that. It’s influenced by illustration art, from a lot of folks we know. J Otto, Emberley, Salazar, and so on. I’ll bet they got someone to turn this out quick in that style.

Looks like dead people. This is an odd bed spread. Dead people holding hands? I guess they’re not dead… the pillow has their heart rate monitor. I thought this was odd.

These lights are weird. Would you call someone a hoser, if they had this at their place?

This is digital katakana font. I’m not sure how many people know that it’s actually Japanese, but it’s disguised as a digital barcode -ish looking design.

Simple in design and cute, this box of crackers is perfect. The colors of the box are great.