The Hundreds package

Yes, I’m a chump for blogging gifts. But it’s post holiday and UPS just threw this over the gate. A Medicom Hundreds toy. It weebles. It comes in a nice crate, and it’s hot for the fans. What can’t they make and do? It’s mind boggling. See more photos below. They’re growing like weeds. A line up? Perhaps. My hands don’t look so nice. I feel like I’m a streethypesite blogger now, but I swear I have more to say.

Branded on wood. It’s a mini crate.

A Disney collab. Oh my. Weird too. See the ear piercing? Disney? That’s nuts. Why? I have no idea.

A bag of stickers. Want one?

I don’t smoke, but these will be perfect in the bathroom. Fire starters and Poo smell disguisers.

This is a case. I wasn’t sure what for, but you can put a camera in it. It’s a hardsheel type of thing. It’s a tiny bit crooked, maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. Also that small hard plastic emblem always trips me out. What’s it mean?

The pillow. Very nice.