NPR interview

I was interviewed by NPR-NY the other day, which is part of Studio 360. It was for the cover story of GR57, the Obama Street Art article. It looks like they’re interviewing many of the folks I interviewed and probably more, and thankfully, they picked up on my article and it seems are using it somewhat as a road map. We’ll see how theirs turns out… I’m sure it’ll be quite great leading up to the inauguration.

This GR article was done completely by me trying to figure out who’s who, and who did what, at least in the art world that I know, it’s hopefully helping a few skeptics like me understand what went on. Getting some national attention for a single article is always nice, and it helps the subscriptions.

A few things I didn’t know about radio interviews:

Did you know that studios don’t like it when they interview you, and you’re on a cell phone? Landlines are much better.

Radio is much like TV, except in TV, they do a 1-5 minute clip, but on radio, it can go much longer. There’s a ton of serious editing going on to make it “cool”. I used to think editing for radio could be lazy. But it’s just as strenuous as anything else. Of course, right? People take radio as a format lightly sometimes.

Interviews are still done by recording on gear at the studio. They don’t use a service that records digitally yet. There’s something to the certainty of seeing levels bouncing to know you’re getting something.