Writing, writing, and writing. One thing that happens when a mag gets done is that it means it’s back to more writing. I can’t say that I write daily, except maybe here, but at the same time, it helps to keep typing words, and figuring out different ways to communicate ideas. I didn’t start writing until I was in junior college, where for the first time, I had an instructor named Joe Watts, who’d break down my sentences word for word. On my papers, he would mark LZ. I’d think, what the fuck is LZ? You’d see “run-on” or punctuation corrections, but LZ? Lazy?

LZ meant Led Zeppelin. As in, son, “you’re ramblin’ on,” as if Robert Plant somehow wrote a song about bad writing. Sometimes, when I’m writing for Giant Robot, I see imaginary LZ’s pop up. At other times, I hear Mr Watts voice saying, “there’s great flow here,” while exhaling cigarette smoke. He’d sometimes have office hours on the lawn.