Choegal Signing at GR2

A pretty long line, all governed by two saw horses. Our lines are a lot different than other lines. I was discussing this for a second with Bobby Kim from The Hundreds who came and saw the line and said “whoa” but why would he be surprised? He has kids waiting overnight to get a New Era cap. We looked at the line, and imagine, our line looks a lot different. It’s not part of the culture of what “line ups” are about. 16 year olds? No. People who just got off work? Yes. Imagine, the first few people in line were wearing suits. With such of a limited amount of these figures, yes, waiting in line for a custom signed one, and to meet the artist, was a must.

That’s Choe’s mom on the left. She brought tons of friends. David told her she had to wait in line. She’s a proud mom.

Dave signed everything. One kid didn’t have any money. I couldn’t understand what he was talking about at first. I was like, “you have no money…” but you’re in line. Then my dense self figured it out a minute later, he just wanted to get a sketchbook signed.

This is an old friend’s cousin. I had no idea he was a Choe fan and I had no idea he was into GR stuff. check out that Choe deck!

The girl in black. Who is she? You’ll see in the video, when I finish cutting it up.

Martin got into the act signing mags, as did Joe Linkin Park Hahn who’s pictured below in a photo by Clement Hanami.

That’s Dave and Joe. Did you know his band is huge in Russia? He was explaining how his band is big outside of America… haha. The point though was that even bands who’ve faded from the limelight in the USA years ago have huge followings in Russia. Also overheard, a kid didn’t hold back and said, “My favorite street artist! My favorite DJ in the same place”.

Bobby Kim, and imagine this is a photo of him with no cap.

My Reggie Hudlin, director and comicbook writer of Moonknight and Black Panther

That’s Alex Chiu and his gf. Darn forgot her name. Alex gave me a small painting. Can you tell he’s a nice guy?

That’s Lisa Strouss. She used to do advertising for GR long time ago. She’s the OG “girl with glasses” and now sells glasses at LA Eyeworks, and that tiny shop next to The Hundreds store on Rosewood.

David and his friends who do aerosol art.

The figure in context. They really are very different from each other. Of course Dave will say, “this one is really bad.” at some of them, but I can’t even tell.

That’s Scott Brooks, our friend and he was early in line. He’s tall, so he has to squat to talk to Dave. He even picked up a post-it by Jacob McGraw at the signing.

Some people in line got this. It’s a sticker with some of his art on it. This one is the best. It’s funny when he hands it to someone, and he says, “it might be offensive.”

All from SD.