Magazine predictions from the mouths of the "pros"

Scary magazine predictions, but I don’t think it differs from anything else. Magazines, like a car manufacturer, retail store, small business of any sort, all apply.

Andy Cohn from the Fader said that 5 out of 10 mags and papers will close.
-I guess that’s the same as 1 out of 2. Scary thought, since what will a newsstand look like if this happens?

Steven Kotok from The Week says: “Lots of things nobody predicted will occur.”
- hope this can mean great things.

Dylan Tweeney from Wired: “…2009 will be a very, very difficult year for advertising-supported businesses of all kinds. Anyone launching a publication in 2009 better have deep enough pockets to ride out a year or two of very thin revenues.”
- that’s obvious since even a publication that’s been going for years will have thin revenues.

Video content seems to hit a few people’s lists. Am I paranoid yet about our future? Sure just a little, but at the same time, the idea is to keep moving.

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It’s interesting to read what people say about magazines (at least for me).