The Red Camera

This amazing and newish Red One camera professional digital HD camera is the brainchild of Jim Jannard, who previously owned Oakley, the sunglass company. With the billions he made from Oakley, he was determined to make an affordable, compact high end HD camera that could rival film. For those of you who don’t know, there is a digital revolution going on right now in the film world as we make the transition from film to digital HD. Everyone knows that digital HD is the future but the technology still hasn’t been able to rival the quality of the light captured on film. The Red comes close and the great thing about it is that it ‘s cheap, well relatively speaking. So instead of a hundred or so thousand (US)dollars for a film camera, only a few thousand can get you the Red. I just think it looks cool..I want one. I’m jealous of fellow AnDer Mark Allen because he has one.

Check out this skate footage shot on the Red One camera. Probably some of the most amazing quality skate footage I’ve ever seen.