3rd Street Santa Monica

I went to the Third Street Promenade tonight. Except for wanting those two hours back since the place blows, it’s definitely recessed. Aren’t Saturday nights at 9pm supposed to be busy? I walked the entire length and around the areas and yes, it’s much less congested. Luckily, I jumped into the Apple store and streamed the Pacquiao fight, and watched just a bit of it, enough to see the end. The worst part is that, there are street performers. Next to the little rocker kid who plays guitar and sings, is a guy who’s preaching about God. It’s an open mic for anyone to debate this person. The problem isn’t the guy, he’s there to fuck with everyone, the part that blew was when he debated a kid who was pro evolution, the God guy said, “God created the heavens and the Earth” the entire crowd of maybe 50+, cheered and whistled. I have an open mind for people who want to debate, but fuck that crowd and fuck 3rd Street Promenade. Why is that guy even preaching there when almost everyone is already converted.