Heath Ceramics in Los Angeles

Heath Ceramics has been around since 1948. Part of the mid-century modern lifestyle, this brand has always been a mark of great design and high quality work. Friday was their grand opening at 7525 Beverly. Fairly anticipated, it’s been written about in magazines and newspapers. The space is vast and clean, and is in the perfect area which matches home furnishings and people with hopefully a few extra dollars. For those of you who are on a budget, Heath wear might not be the most affordable, but at the same time, it’s a standard by which a lot of other brands try to match. Heath

Smiling with Adam Silverman. I met Adam years ago when he was a co-founder of the X-Large store in Los Angeles. A graduate of RISD in architecture, which he did for a few years, he also worked on ceramics at the same time. He left the clothing industry, and decided to pursue his hobby of pottery. He’d probably classify himself as just starting since his pottery career began in 2002, but his work look masterful. One great fact about Adam’s efforts is that he’s branching the worlds of a generation of “kids” who are into clothing, art, and design with a venerable ceramics brand. We’ll see how this next phase of his career and Heath’s brand steps into a new future.

Here’s a sample of Adam’s personal work that’s available at Heath. There’s plenty of it throughout the shop. I like his glaze technique.

Who knew he made hanging lights!
Geoff Mcfetridge drawing of Adam.
Vintage Heath not for sale.

Ironically, years ago, I bought a couple of mugs that looked cool and were inexpensive, I had no idea what make or model they were. I looked at them the other day, and lo and behold, they’re by Heath!