MC Jin

If you bought MC Jin’s latest Hong Kong release ABC, then you might have seen the dvd it came with it. Terence and I produced the three videos for the album and I directed this one.

This song is about Jin and his family but it’s also the story of an immigrant family but it’s also about just trying to get by in life. Which unless you were born rich, most people must struggle with. I thought the lyrics were great because they were intensely personal yet very universal at the same time. Since Jin was releasing his first album in Hong Kong, I wanted to take him out of the American Chinatown environment that he grew up in and place him right into the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, like he belonged there. Because of a super limited budget, I kept the video as simple as possible so that you, as the viewer, can just focus on his words. So it’s just a simple stedi-cam shot of Jin walking home from a long day of work telling you his story. Every man’s struggle, Every man’s life.