The IPA gave us a check.

Today the Independent Press Association gave us some money back. Imagine in early 2007, our distributor went belly up. They shut the door, and slammed everyone out. Basically they said, “Eric, all the money we owe for GR’s sales etc, you can’t have it. Fuck you.” They disconnected their phones, their offices were dark, no one was around. All the employees went into hiding, hopefully with their face in between their legs since many roped us into higher hopes that things were fine. We’re so dumb to believe any of it.

The money… well, it’s not even the total amount at all. But I’m at a spot now where I expected nothing. Yeah, I still have sour grapes about it all. They fucked us and many others. I’m sure the employees who worked there, are marked by a lot of folks as being the enemy. Maybe forever.

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