Lights in the Parking Lot – the solution

In the history of parking lots, this is changing everything. How many times have you pulled into a lot and drove endlessly looking for a spot. You think you’re smart so you decide to pull over and try and wait for someone to come out, only to wait and wait and wait, until you feel helpless since you’re not moving and being pro-active. The Century City mall has a solution. Lights. From far away, you can see where there are spots available. Genius and so simple. Green lights? Go there. Why didn’t this exist 30 years ago?

It’s a light, and a big one too. I’m sure they could have used something much more similar. Perhaps just using green lights only to signify which are open, rather than waste the power on the red lights. Either way, this is the way to go. Imagine how much gas, energy, and anger people will save. The only worry, people looking at the lights and not at other cars or the road.