The Talk Part 2 at Ball State U.

Ball State! Here’s a sampling of the folks who were there. Ball State has a small Asian population, many are from other places, but it all works when you listen to GR. Our magazine is international in content. And when we mentioned a name like Stephen Chau, I saw some fists pump. A photo of Rain elicited some smiles. People know, and that’s pretty cool how international the Asian stars have become.

These yoyos are $100 each.

They belong to this man. Ranked #4 in the world. He’s quite great at this “sport”. Noel was the “warm-up” act to our talk. He does shred at the yoyo. Insane tricks.

Pizza, it was late night, and yes, pizza works.

Sarah #1, strikes the pose with a bowling ball. Her shirt says Tokyo or Bust!

That’s Tim Hugh on the left who made the trip from Chicago. He’s quite the bowler, until he had to use public bowling balls.