Ball State Muncie IN

Anime Club! Martin is in. He got jumped in by anime kids. Naruto! Clamp! Tomorrow is the talk here at Ball State University. The alma mater of David Letterman. Talks are tough sometimes, you fly in, you do a talk, all without knowing your exact audience. Are there going to be Asian, Asian American or non Asians? What do they want to hear, or expect to hear? I hope we get it right. We’ve done plenty of talks on campuses, and the more I do it, the better I want to do each time, but at the same time, I don’t think the talks are good enough. 

What do I expect at/from our talks?

1) is it meant to be funny? 
2) informative? 
3) entertaining? 
4) visually stimulating? 
5) inspiring?

I hope it’s all of these things, but is it? I’m not sure… so even after years of doing talks, I still tweak the presentation over and over, so at least it’s fresh for me. There’s nothing worse than saying the same exact story over and over in the same exact way.

Martin’s pretty good at bowling. Me? Sub 100 today, twice. Rematch, tomorrow.

Two Asians. Not Martin and I… I’m talking about the two S. Asian bruthas sitting at the table. Will they be at our talk tomorrow?

Muncie at least near Ball State is a pretty sleepy area, granted, there’s a football game tonite, and Ball State is number #18, which isn’t bad. I never knew they were good at football. I thought it was all about basketball here.