BonChon Fried Chicken Korean Style

That looks good, doesn’t it? That’s Korean style fried chicken. You can say Korean style, but fried chicken is fried chicken no matter how you handle it. Yet, my friends were telling me while the chicken eating jams pumped out of the speakers, “Koreans eat the most fried chicken.” Is that true? The photo above is of the sweet flavored version (Soy Garlic). There’s also a spicy that’s a killer. It’s almost too hot and had everyone burning. I’d suggest opting for the sweet Soy Garlic which will make you smile. It’s not over fried, and it’s juicy, and made per order.

You can get different parts of the chicken, but they know what’s tastiest and cheapest the dark meat. Keep in mind that it takes 25 minutes for the chicken to get made. You can order ahead even if you plan on eating there. We ate 4 baskets of chicken between 10 people. 

This version was boring. Simple fried chicken didn’t have the zing compared to the flavored, but at the same time, it was good too. We also got fried gizzards, and they even have dishes like duk boki, salads, fries, and sandwiches. The duk boki is typical, the fries and onion rings are just okay. I’d stick with the chicken.

Notice alcohol bottles. They serve the soju and beer. The restaurant is actually quite small in size, with a few tables, so it seems like they’re aiming for take outs.

The pickles are amazing. It’s daikon, and this might be the most valuable thing MVT since it cuts the fried chicken flavor on your palate. It’s also fun to eat because they’re cubes.

This is the largest table. It’s not that big, but this is about 1/3 of the place. I’ve heard many say that the competition, KyonChon isn’t good, and BonChon is the place to go. There’s plenty of locations on the east coast. I’ve tried one in Manhattan a while back. Meanwhile in LA, it’s all about K-town. 6th and Catalina street. You can always hit Ice Kiss and get your dessert fix next door.

3407 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 487-7878

This is what happens. The fried chicken crash. 

Whoa, it’s K Town Shenanigans.
Jean and Harry Kim doing Endless Love or something like that.