Cribs: Joseph Hahn Linkin Park’s crib visit.

Joseph Hahn of Linkin Park and David Choe of David Choe. This is sort of like cribs for a seccond, it was dark out, and late, so there’s no house photos, but Joseph lives in a great area in Brentwood, my old stomping grounds. I’ve met Joseph for just a second years ago, but it’s great to see how he’s thriving. Is that even the right word? Thriving? His house is amazing, he’s a good guy with quite a toy collection.

His art collection is no joke either. It spans the three floors of his home. There’s even an elevator but I wouldn’t ride that.

Banksy, WK, Space Invader, tons of work by illustration style and graf artists. There’s everything.

Bathrooms. This is nuts, two sides, and huge. The bathroom is bigger than most bedrooms.
Frozen Han Solo

Bobby Hundreds sits in the Eames Lounge. I told him Kiehl’s stores have them.  

This is amazing. Even Joseph has a sneaker collection. It doesn’t ever end.