Podcast delayed

We attempted to make a podcast by using Garage Band on a Mac. Figuring that the quality of recording would be decent even with the on board microphone, I was wrong. We recorded everything with a huge hiss in the background. I tried to mask it with music, but the weird thing is that the hiss goes away when we don’t speak, but once we start talking the hiss starts – and stops again during a gap. It’s more annoying than having a continuous hiss. 

I decided to order the Marantz 620 pictured above. In the past, I used an Ipod with a recording device for most of the past podcasts, but like all Ipods it seems, mine died. It wasn’t mistreated, but just died.

With this Marantz, I’m hoping it’ll bring better quality podcasts and recordings of events and we’ll be able to share them with you. Keep tuned, I’m hoping to get this unit this week.