Raccoon invading the avocados. I used to think these little creatures were alright, but you know what? They’re like all of the other wild animals. They just take, and give only to the eco system and food chain. But in a major city? What could people do? I actually let them do their thing, until they start making a huge mess. I know my neighbor puts poison out, which cats probably eat as well. That’s not the way to go. Are you supposed to call animal control or something? Raccoons as far as I can tell are nocturnal, so at this time, I’m just letting them do their thing, until there’s a safe and cool way to get rid of them.

This creature keeps showing up and eating anything in it’s path. I scare it off, and it comes back. It even looks like he’s flicking me off. It’s time to research them better. I hear they can rip apart your house.

*I had to change the title of this post. I had no idea that the shortened version of raccoon “Coon” was such a racist word!