Surf Teacher

Surfing. It’s not that tough to get started, but I guess it’s a slippery slope when you do. That’s the surf teacher. Are you going to slip off that board the first time you get on? No. Are you going to paddle harder so you don’t look too lame. Yes. There’s plenty of coral and rock right underneath where you paddle out. Why aren’t people snorkeling there instead? Either way, I did catch a wave for the first time, and actually stood up and watched as the rock and coral flew by under my feet. The water is clear enough so you can see everything. I’m half excited and half worried that I’ll fall in and hit one of the rocks which looks like it’s just a foot or two below. But all that went away, I passed over it all until I went to slow and had to jump off. 

Jokes aside, kids in Hawaii are interesting. She’s 24 maybe 23. The kid next to her is 15. They’re best friends. For some reason, people have little homies friends in Hawaii, why is that? They hang out like bro and sister, and I hear that’s common in Hawaii.

That’s Phil. Hawaii and Phil are almost synonymous. He’s part of the RVCA group in Hawaii and has his hands in setting up concerts for tons of bands who pass through. He belts out a good version of Photograph by Def Leppard, which David can air drum with one arm.