Dirty Hands at HIFF

Dirty Hands – second screening at the HIFF. Yes, I got to intro the film. It’s now the third time I’ve done this for the film, and each time, I try and do it different. I try and tell a story, or what the film means to me (which keeps changing), and so on. It’s hard to capture the millions of things I think about the film. It all races through my head, and whatever comes out in the 1 minute I’m talking is the best I can do. Pretty cool to have the name of the film in simple digital lights at a theater. 

David signs shirts after the screening and the Q and A. The Question and Answer sessions are funny. They’re brutally honest and most of the time, it’s like listening to two old friends talk. If you’re in, you’ll understand it better, but people start laughing anyway. 

Desiring God. David reads no books. So we’ll see what happens. Maybe he’ll get something from it. 

Merch sales. People dig the shirts, the pillow is another story. They sell slower, but they are really cool. The image on the pillow is “stacks” which is a design Dave did, that fits the film perfectly. It means a lot if you see the film. The pillow is surprisingly a perfect commemorative item.

I like the fact that Harry is also drawing and signing autographs. Yes, he’s part of the game.