Richard Chou

Whoa, that’s Richard Chou. Imagine, somewhere around 8-10 years ago, I did Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Yes, me. Hard to believe, right? It was early in the UFC thing, and I wanted to learn about how everything related to submissions, joint manipulations, etc, worked. How does it? I went to Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu and it was crowded. Rickson was a star then. So I moved to 7am classes. Yes, I woke up and went to class that early. There, I met Richard Chou. Imagine, this is a kid on a volleyball scholarship to Pepperdine. He was from Guam and 6 foot 4 or something. A monster. In the photo above, he’s ducking. I asked him to not make me look tiny. He’s no working with Elite XC, he had a pro fight, and is now on the promoting end. He shouted my name and I saw him, and got scared. Who’s this big dude? Richard! I haven’t seen him since class. He’s also working with BJ Penn and doing well.