We Made the Wall

It’s always nice to see articles on the walls of places that we visit. You’d have no idea it’s a GR article, but there it is on the cork board next to the front door. A lot of things come to mind with this article. 1) Lance Hahn from J Church died in Austin, Texas, while we stood outside eating shaved ice in his home state of Hawaii. 2) Martin’s uncle who drove us there, passed away earlier this year. 3) On to the happy: It’s always great to see new people try the smoothness of the ice. 4) the small local business thrives. I hope. 5) The small things we do, like write articles about people, mean a lot more to others, than us. It might not be the excitement by our subject, but what about their family and friends. I forget about them. Maybe Waiola market cares more than us. It’s on their wall.