SDAFF Day 3 Gala Awards Dinner

One thing that the San Diego Asian Film Festival does well is that they have their awards dinner on the saturday of the first weekend. It’s when more people are in town, the filmmakers are around, the journalists, film programmers, and fans are still into the entire idea of a festival. By the end, they get burnt out, people are gone, and the sun and set already on the event. The Lifetime Achievement award went to Soon Tek Oh. You’ve seen him in everything, from Mash, Different Strokes, a James Bond movie, to Yellow. Yul Kwon, a Survivor millionaire stands next to him. I wonder if Soon Tek Oh knows much about Survivor. They’re both Korean.

Susie Suh has a nice voice, and played some songs. She’s Korean.

Soon Tek Oh talked about acting and was interesting although he’d admit it was boring. His career is stellar and amazing. On the right is John Cho who presented the award. He’s Korean.

In the front row, that’s Leonardo Nam and Aaron Yoo. They’re Korean.
On the left is the big winner, Harry Kim, the director of Dirty Hands – the David Choe documentary. He won the jury prize which is great. I’m proud of Harry, and that’s why we interviewed him in Giant Robot. Yes, he too is Korean.
In summation since I’m leaving tomorrow, back to LA. Thanks Toyota Matrix It was a great experience once again. Imagine, we’re there to document this great time when Asian American actors are actually getting regular dude roles in a variety of movies. Aaron Yoo, is in the current Nick and Norah’s flick. And the movement is only going upwards. 
I thought I’d show you Lee Ann Kim. Yes, Korean too. I noticed at least in this festival, there were tons of Koreans involved. Random.