Toyota Matrix SDAFF San Diego Asian Film Festival

The Matrix. That’s the vehicle. I’ve shot this same car before, but here it is again. It’s a different angle. Notice the rubber like matt it sits on? The folks who take care of this car really baby it. It seems like it drives from a covered trailer to a spot, then back. I wonder if it even has 100 miles on it. 

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Openings usually have food, and the San Diego Asian Film Festival SDAFF does it well. Lots of it, and an orderly line up of people to get what they can.

Sushi rolls, chicken, and a variety of noodles and salads. You could have gotten away with eating an entire meal.

The stars of the opening night in San Diego. That’s Jessica Yu and Jimmy Tsai from PING PONG PLAYA.

That’s Karin Anna Cheung from everywhere! Better Luck Tomorrow is a place you’ve commonly seen her, unless it was just at a film fest. She’s always supporting the events.

The wall at the after party at the Airport Lounge was pretty cool. Imagine an open air room, and an inside room. The thing is, it’s close to the airport, so they play up the fact that close above the room, airplanes pass over in a loud fashion. Whatever you’re doing has to stop because it’s loud and you can’t help but look up and see this giant shadow pass overhead.

That’s Lee Ann Kim sitting. I didn’t get a good shot of her, but she’s running the show. There’s a lot going on in the pic.

This is interesting. We went to another spot after the Airport Lounge and this woman named Blanca came by to bum smokes. She ended up being a big fan of Asian film, so we convinced her to come to the screenings at the festival.