Ai Yamaguchi Show at Roberts and Tilton

As usual Ai Yamaguchi rocks it again. She’s cool, simple, and has a ton of talent. She can paint insanely great, and comes up with concepts that mixes the new and old. This art show will be amazing. The works are large and powerful, each telling a story.
They moved so, see their site for their new address. The opening is on saturday, 6-8pm
Roberts and Tilton

You’ll find out what this is, if you go see it live. Otherwise, I’ll get back to you later. No, it’s not a hot tub. 

This looks like a meeting of some sort. Is it gossip or a decision being made? I have no idea.

That’s their kid Rei. He was watching a Youtube cartoon. I think it was that blue train character. Weird how you can now use a computer to capture a kid’s attention. That’s Yuko, she’s there to help! 

Rei doesn’t have a spoon, so Rei goes for the straw. His hair is insane. People would pay for his curls. But then again, people pay not to have the curls.

This is a funny picture. That’s Shingo, Ai’s husband. He has the curls too, when his hair is longer. If you get a chance,  you should definitely check out the exhibition. Yes, bummer, I’ll be in SD, so I had to go today.