Imagine in Sulu Takei voice… Muzzeeeuuumm

His voice is so distinct that when he says a word, people listen… or trip out. When he said the word “ZINE”, it was unlike any pronunciation ever attempted, and it sounded amazing. The museum asked me to go boldly where I’ve never gone before. To pick 1 item among their thousands of items that would address redress. Know what Redress is? I’ll bet some of you are thinking, some kind of clothing related dressing room antic. But it basically means to set shit straight. $20,000 back for being imprisoned for three years. No, I wasn’t there, and it’s a very quiet issue, even to this day, but there’s a handful who made some noise.

For some odd reason, people may think I’m a nut to have picked this image, but read my reason if you want. I makes sense to me, and it’s on the wall at the MUSSEEEEUUUUMMMM. It’s actually hanging next to the reconstructed barrack. JANM Since I wasn’t there, I thought finding a bridge to the time was the way to go. Hope people get it.