It’s no secret, that if I were stuck on an island and could pick one CD, it would be My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. I could easily pick a solid album from other bands, maybe even Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys since it would make me smile, but long term, it’s Loveless. I’ve never seen them live, and I think the last time they came through was in 1992, or maybe it was 1993, I think they played at the Palace. Seeing them at the Santa Monica Civic was powerful.

The first four or five songs, blew through everyone. The lights flashing were blinding, the video screen behind looping… the first song started with the video I posted below. Imagine standing on the floor with world record loud sound blasting… It was near religious. Even if it’s my favorite band, or single favorite album, it was almost too loud. 130 decibels, it would make the Guinness Book. Eventually, I left the front area and went back to the middle and pulled out my ear plugs for a while. I could hear everything clear. Their sound was much more balanced. It was still too loud to leave them out, but for that bit, it was totally clear. I’m not sure if the noise fest at the end is the way for them to go out, since it was their last show on their tour, but they did it.

One weird note, Only Shallow, their lead song on Loveless sounds bizarre live – nothing like on their album. What’s up with that?