Giant Robot continues

It’s now October, the stock market is scary and there’s no fix in sight.
Many merchants worry about the holiday season coming up.
So what do you do in this time?

I’m not quite sure, but I’ll shoot from the hip.

1) It seems like when times are tougher, you should actually work harder at any cost. Will it help? Maybe, but it can’t hurt. Who will do this? My guess honestly, not many.

1a) Do you slow down because it’s “slower”? No, again that can’t be good. That means you’re part of the herd, complaining and without an ounce of a solution and expecting the same things as you’ve always had. Or on the other hand, do you expect more?! That’s not going to happen.

2) Do you find new ways to do things? New projects and more to move forward with? Yes. Again, you should do this anyway, but especially now is the time.

3) Is it time to be a dick and fuck with other people’s business since yours isn’t doing as well? Probably not. Yes, there is the notion of the strong surviving, but at the same time, that doesn’t mean, fuck with your neighbors on purpose, does it?

I’d venture to say that during a tougher time, it’s the innovative that’ll be fine. I think the crime and incredible short sighted to expect everything to be the same as before. It won’t be, for perhaps years. I’m still thinking long term, and I see a lot of short term minded folks around. That scares me more than the economy.