I hate this woman!

I know I wasn’t gonna get too political here but I just can’t help it. I really hate Sarah Palin. If McCain gets elected, I might have to shoot myself. He would be the oldest president ever to take office and if he had a stroke or his cancer came back, this is who we’d have running things? Even as a vice president she’s an idiot and embarrassment to all American people. She reminds me of a female George Bush with that stupid smug look on her face when she speaks. I’m an actor, I can detect an insincere smile masking insecurity from a million miles away. The winking and “folksyness” is her playing up a persona. I don’t understand the folksy appeal anyway, I don’t want the soccer mom next door running making big decisions for my country. I don’t want somebody just like me and that I could relate to, I would want someone way more intelligent than me skillfully handling the serious problems that our country needs to face right now. No more fakes please, we need someone genuine and sincere up there running things. Watch her interview with Katie Couric struggling to keep that smile while failing miserably at trying to connect Russia’s geographical closeness to Alaska as an example of her foreign policy experience.

Watch Matt Damon rip her one here:

And this is just the very very tiny little sliver of the tip of the iceberg here about why she is so wrong for America. I could go on and on. Her recent attempt to smear Obama as having “terrorist relations” because he knew a guy that was part of the Weathermen back in the sixties is ridiculous. Just as stupid as when Fox news tried to call Barrack and Michelle’s fist bump a terrorist handshake. I bet she had never heard of the Weathermen until someone on her staff told her to make those comments and she probably still doesn’t. The Weathermen are not the kind of terrorists that we need to be fighting never mind the fact that they don’t exist in that form anymore. What’s next? Would she accuse Obama of being a terrorist himself for considering Malcom X a role model since he used violence in his early days? I’m sure Palin’s logic would probably draw the link. If you’re American, you better vote, this will be probably the most important election ever. If you care about America and want some respectable people in the White House for a change, then you better vote Obama/Biden.