Shanghai Xiao Yang San Jian Bao

San Jian Bao is a special kind of dumpling, much similar to the Xiao Lung Bao but bigger and less delicate. It’s characterized by it’s crispy bottom that is pan fried after it is steamed.
I had to get up at 4am today for work so we could catch the sunrise. After that scene was done we had some time off and I was craving san jian bao for breakfast. My driver took me to this famous spot called Xiao Yang San Jian Bao. It’s a little tiny hole in the wall shop on a street you normally wouldn’t pass. When we got there , there was a line of like 20 people waiting to get their little dose of San Jian Bao. These ones were very similar to Xiao Lung Bao in that there was a delicious soup inside. The crispy bottom was pan fried to perfection, and along with some hot soy milk, I managed to put down six of them. At only 1 rmb(12cents US!!!) each, this has got to be the best meal for your buck. Actually less than a buck because 6 were still less than $1us. If you’re in Shanghai try them, you won’t be let down!