Have Blog, Will Travel!

Variety Japan picks up on the Domokun Target entry. I can’t read it all, but at the time, I see many of the things I wrote about in there. I’m realizing, that I’m not just being mean, but there’s a lot of agreement as to the quality of the product. It is some of the ugliest versions of Domokun and licensed goods in general that I’ve ever seen. Perhaps the folks think something like, “people haven’t seen Domokun, so they won’t know what’s wrong.” It’s still more authenticity issues and the grabbing of the quick buck.

Imagine another case study. Uglydolls. Yes, he blogs here, so I’ll only say nice stuff, right?! But imagine, each product is scrutinized, there’s no Target Uglydolls, no K-Mart, or other mega chain blow outs. Who’s going to last longer?

Some things might work blown out, but I never thought Domokun would be that character.

Variety Japan link.