Target Sightings

Extreme sports and icons. The big red head who’s the new young symbol of extreme is now at Target! Buy pants, shirts, and other stuff that has nothing to do with skateboarding or snow boarding since it’s at Target. I wonder if he designed any of it. Jeans are 29.99 which is a great price. But what happened to Dickies and Wrangler!? I think it’s great to have affordable gear, but the way it’s being done isn’t the way I would do it.

This is an Ed Templeton ripoff. Not just 1 eye like the Templeton character, how about adding a shitload of eyes. It’s not that it looks exactly like an Ed work, but it’s definitely made to look like it’s part of the Ed cannon of works. I’m sure a Target designer is saying… “no way, this looks nothing like Templeton! I know Ed, and this is nothing like it.” Sorry, it’s just like it. What would I do? How about smoothing out the lines, not having thin legs which are very Ed, maybe a different angle or posture, and less alien more creature.

Isaac! you too? Go back to bartending on the Love Boat.

Graffiti and spray cans. Authenticity issues at Target. 
There goes that Target ad.