Shibuya the same

The bright lights, the video on the buildings, the throngs of people walking around, it keeps on going and going. As long as there are kids, a neighborhood like this will keep on going even as new ones pop up. It’s not that cold here, and a tiny bit humid. It’s actually a decent time to be here. See that HMV store? I went in there. See the Starbucks which is below the largest video screen? That’s the busiest one in the world. It’s like 6 streets or so, maybe more colliding in this insane intersection. It might be one of the craziest intersections in the world in terms of people walking through. 

Free hugs to a good home. Japan isn’t a hug society. People don’t give hugs often, and even with this many people with that many signs, most just walk on by.

I don’t know what this dudeis doing but it’s some type of performance. He makes weird movements, and says stuff in funny tones of voice. Otakus are everywhere.