Hut Dog! James Jean’s and Wen’s house

Hut Dog! The plush Wen is holding is a relic. Imagine, she was a customer at Giant Robot before there was a GR2, and many other things. This was about 6 or 7 years ago and we had a lo of Hut Dogs! The weird thing is that because this had a Japanese only name, we made up the name Hut Dog and it caught on. Huell Howser even took a fancy to the dog that has a house built on it’s back. He said the word Hut Dog on an episode of his show.

That’s James Jean on the left. There was a killer dinner party hosted by he and Wen. The food was amazing, many things were Wen’s family recipes. I got a preview of many art pieces in progress. I could have eaten it all. Maybe. But for now, they have tons of left overs. Dinner parties… how often do you go to them, and how often do you host them? It’s a ton of work and it seems like a dying and lost art. Small groups of people are the way to go. I think.