Bergamont Station Art

Christopher Murphy’s paintings are pretty insane, look at the detail, the graf, the buildings. He’s got the steady hand, the diligence, and more to make big works. I like that water tower on the right side. He also does rough drawings of people on the street. This dude is young, and I was joking around that from now until he dies, he’ll use a wider and wider brush. The painting below is amazing as well. Check him out at the Lora Schlesinger Gallery which was open as part of the Bergamont Station

The outside looks like this. There’s tables with drinks and some snacks. The crowd is 35+.

From wheat pasting to now in galleries with her art ranging from $800-$3000. David Choe and Becca had a short lived war on the streets. I think Dave won, but Becca held her own, and had the help of the locals in downtown.

Gary Taxali is part of the Blab! show as is Andy Kehoe below. The photos I took aren’t the best, it’s all from my iPhone. The entire Bergamont Station “thing” is cool. It happens once a month, and attracts a big crowd. Parking is now tough there, so get there early. It’s free and great to see people having a blast checking out art.