Guava time!

Guess what? It’s guava season. See the haul? What I do is walk down the street and around the corner, and look on the ground, there’s guavas, down the street the other way, there’s two more homes and the trees shed fruit that sprawls on the sidewalk. People walk on them, bikes ride on them, and birds pick at them. I scored today. You’re seeing the product of three different front yard’s fruit. I don’t pick them from the trees at all, since that would be fucked up of me, but if they’re on the ground, it’s fair game. Notice how some have stripes and some are smooth. It’s weird how some trees give up bigger fruit, some more round, and some look like tops. I’m sure it’s probably the same breed of tree, but each acts differently. If you’re into guavas, then this is the time to hunt some down. Eat just the middles! Some guavas are red in the middle, but these stay light. This one organization does some mapping of fruit trees.