By Daniel Wu on 2008-08-24

Today is the last day of the Olympics and the finals of one of my favorite sports, basketball. Today Lithuania took on Argentina for the bronze and Spain vs. USA for the gold. Argentina won easily but the highlight of the day was watching Spain give the US a run for it’s money. I thought The Dream Team 2 was going to blow out Spain and was expecting a boring game. But right after the tip off Spain turned it up and had Team USA struggling to keep them back the whole game.

Although the Gasol brothers were a dominant force for Spain with their NBA experience. I was most impressed with point guard Ricky Rubio. At only 17 he had an impressive game, dishing out some nice no look passes that left Team USA stumbling. 3 more years and this kids in the NBA for sure.

The half time show was done ala NBA with the Beijing Stunt Team doing crazy aerials. Here’s the Olympic mascot doing an old Michael Jordan move.

In the end Team USA won as predicted but I’m sure they were worried the whole way though. As the score came within 2 points at one point, they managed to fend off Spain for an impressive finish and the gold medal. Finally after 8 years of embarrassment, the best in the world finally showed their stuff.
Both teams celebrating their respective Gold and Silver finishes.Two of my favorite players, Jason Kidd and Dwight Howard heading to the locker room.

This Olympic experience has been so amazing. The whole city, or rather the whole country had Olympic fever in a serious way. I have been coming to Beijing since 1978 and have seen it slowly grow to the present day. I know what China was like before and even as recently as my 1994 trip I would have never thought China could have done what they have done. As a Chinese American, I’m proud of the strides and leaps China has made. There won’t be an Olympics like this for at least another 50 years. Chong Guo Jia You!!! I will remember this experience forever.
On a side note I’ve decided to stop trusting the western media. Outlets like CNN and others obviously have their agenda by trying to play down the amazing feat China has pulled off by dishing off nothing but criticism. I spent a month prior to the Olympics watching CNN broadcast nothing but negative news about China. It scares me because they are running the same fear machine that the US government pulled against Iraq. But what do expect from the conservative right? That’s why we Americans need to get Obama in the office and stop this bullshit. China should be a good partner to the US, why make it an enemy?
If any of you were there please leave comments below about your experience!

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