Skin, N Word, Chinky Eyes

What is this? Spain basketball team doing the chinky… in Beijing with the dragon center court emblem. This is one of those situations where it’s okay to do it if you’re Asian, but if you’re not, you can’t. Sorry, that’s the end of the story. It might be handled different in Europe, where an Asian might be an Oriental, but this is a popular image floating around the net. People are pissed, and Lakers, Pau Gasol is part of it too.

The N word for example, you hear some African Americans use it in every sentence, it’s part of their vernacular, but can Joe Whitey say it? No. Can I? No. 
If you’re Native or First People, they can call each other “skin” as in “What up, Skin.” Sort of like an N Word, but can we, non-Natives use it? No, we can’t and No, they can’t.

Oh yes we can.