Beijing Bicycles on flickr

In Beijing, I snapped a lot of photos of bikes. It was fun to shoot people on bikes for some reason in China, maybe it’s because the bikes were so odd compared to what I see in the US. It’s not about fixed gear, or being cool, most of these bikes look like they’re 50 years old. They’re for the most part tools of some sort. I didn’t see many bikes being ridden for recreation, it looked like most everyone was trying to get somewhere with a big load of gear. Link to the bikes.

I’ll try and upload a bunch of photos I took in China. Maybe it’s great timing with the Olympics going on and such. Either way, there was a lot in Giant Robot 54. These are just extra photos for you to check out.

Also on Flickr… I uploaded a collection of photos of Japanese drivers. I’m not sure how exciting it is to see, but it’s a collection.