Susie Ghahremani Wild Life Postcards

Post Office… Who works at a post office and can explain this to me. This is the back of a postcard. It looks nice. It has nice colors. It’s for the Susie Ghahremani upcoming show at Giant Robot 2 in LA. The address is on the bottom left corner, it looks good there. Right? It’s laid out in the colors of the card, brown and orange ish. It’s cute. The show is coming up, but today, a bunch of cards came back. The address is on the bottom, and that’s why it’s messed up. For some reason, because it’s on the bottom, the people or machines that be, think that it’s the address for the TO: even though there’s a sticker label on the right, that’s clearly the TO: spot. The From: could never be on the right side, right? 

So lesson learned, lay that address out on the upper left even if it doesn’t look as cool there. And even if you’re telling people to go to the address on the upper left corner of the card. You can’t tell them that your event is at an address that’s lower on the left side. What if you hand wrote a real postcard and put your return address up in the corner, but then was relaying a new address (cuz you’re moving) to the recipient on the bottom left? The card might come to your new address?