At the Flea Market

The flea market in Pasadena City College is amazing. It feels picked through at times, but it has great collections of stuff. It’s just need to see how people arrange their booths, it’s almost as if it’s for photos. That’s one thing I had in mind as I walked though everything. Collections of old tools never looks old.

Mini record players and turntables?! Weird. I wish they worked. This is amazing. What’s this for?

A collection of colorful toys.

Bich Dong. I knew there would be cosmic forces with my Chow Dong restaurant. What tourist bought that? I hope they had a sense of humor about it.

I love this box. The weird rainbow thing, and the great use of Helvetica.

A lady cookie jar and someone’s ass. Man or woman?

Some animals. They were about $15 each. Where are they from? Is it a game piece? 

Whoa, this looks serious, but I think it’s a re do, fairly recent. The metal parts were actually plastic.

This is one of those weird things that meant something to the person who made it.

Radios! Tons of them. These look great, I wish I collected them.

This is a cute little bank. Check out the lamp bases next to it, you know those are cool.

“sir” Adrian Johnson tagged my window. Calling him a “sir”