Scion – Insiders, Outsiders, and the Middle – the opening

The planets aligned once again. What does the title mean? You figure it out. It became a topic of conversation. Are you inside, outside, or are you in the middle? Does being inside mean you paint inside, or does it mean you are an insider in the art scene? Either way, everyone got together for a great opening. Each artist had a name tag if they wanted, and each ended up talking to numerous art fans who showed up in decent numbers. We did group photos which got nutty.

You can see more photos at my flickr. Does anyone have problems with the organizer on Flickr?

That’s me skating around the show and shooting some video.

That’s Sakamoto. He’s a little quirky, doesn’t speak much English, but in the middle of the show, he got super emo, wanted to cry – he was having such a good time. He saw me, and said a few words in English, then rattled off some words in Japanese, and said, “SO HAPPY”…

The QR code works. In art, that’s digital, it’s amazing how things can link up. For Invader, this is a hot move.

That’s Kami painting and having a good time. He even painted with some kids. It’s cool when artists get involved with whatever’s going on. Rolling with the flow.

Ed Trask made a paint by numbers box. People loved it and got into it.

The bunker. 6th and Berendo. What’s this place really called? Shinya with the cap, showed the ladies at the table, how to open the bottle with chopsticks. Way back in issue 7 or so, we had a little something on the beer bottle opening champ of Japan. Shinya was his understudy, and knows every trick.

It was a scurry, since we were so hungry. The food was great, the place is nuts. It’s our second time there with a group from Scion.

Cheers and bombs away. The night went on for a while, and the enigmatic Space Invader, where did he go? Did he Invade? He slipped away into the night.